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Completing a Short Persuasive Essay

Writing a short essay can sometimes be harder than writing a longer one. This is especially so when the writing is meant to persuade. It gives you much less time to make your points and ensure that they are adequately convincing. Here are some tips you can use to be brilliant in your writing.

Pick topics that can be expressed succinctly

Some topics will require a great deal of explanation to make their points well enough to make people believe them. You may try your best to explain them in one or two pages but much will be left out that should have been included. This is also true when you are trying to promote a very unpopular opinion. If this exercise is being done for practice then you should definitely try the harder version of this exercise. If not, take a shortcut and only use the simpler, bite-sized topics. Another great thing that you can do is ask writers from My Homework doner to help with your writing tasks.

Gather powerful evidence

The more powerful your points are, the less you need to explain them. If you have ten potential points and only three of them are strong, use those three alone. The others will only clutter your work and add unnecessarily to your word count.

Summarize your points

Whatever you write will need to go through several rounds of glamorization. It may seem excessive but this exercise can help you to distill your work until it is its most concentrated. Take off any superfluous words and make sure that if any of your sentences are redundant you condense them into a single line so that it reads much ore smoothly.

Pay someone to edit your work for length

If you can’t bear to reduce your writing, pay someone to look over your work and extract the key points in the form of a summary. Doing this would not count as plagiarism since the original work was yours. All you would have to get from the editor is a shorter version of what you had already produced.

Get a second opinion on your finished product

This is a great idea especially if you decided against hiring an editor. A second opinion can help you by pointing out places where you can still make changes to reduce your word count. Only trust this task to someone who is skilled at writing with a good eye for editing details.

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